Domestic fire sprinklers

Designed, Installed and Maintained to BS9251:2021

Fire sprinklers equip designers and builders with additional flexibility; for example where changes of building use are anticipated. 
Sprinklers have frequently been permitted as trade-offs in terms of providing means of escape. Furthermore, sprinklers provide architects with more design freedom. Quite often installing a sprinkler system is the only way in which stylish and slightly 
unorthodox designs, particularly with open plan features, can be realised.

Other design freedoms include :

  • The doubling of unprotected areas or the halving of distances to boundaries.
  • The substitution of fire sprinklers to compensate for excessive travel distances where access for the fire services is greater 

than 45 metres.

  • Secondary stairways are not required in domestic and residential buildings where floor levels are over 7.5 metres above adjacent 

ground level.

  • In care homes, protected areas may contain more than 10 beds. Bedrooms may contain more than one bed and their fire doors 

need not be fitted with self-closers.

  • Fire sprinklers maybe substiuted for the requirment for alternative means of escape from basement.